Netizens Enraged by HYBE’s Claim: “Mindless Fans Stand with Min Hee-jin, Rational Public Support Us”

A netizen in theqoo shared criticizing HYBE for their media manipulation trick in the dispute with ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-jin.

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Citing the article, the netizen pointed out that HYBE has been issuing articles accusing Min Hee-jin’s statements of being too emotional ahead of the court’s announcement of their decision on the injunction filed by Min Hee-jin against the company to prohibit their voting rights. In particular, HYBE’s PR team has reportedly been telling the media that the public who are rational support them, whereas fans, who are easily swayed by emotions, are still on Min Hee-jin’s side.

min hee jin

Criticizing HYBE, the netizen said, “The company lacks understanding of how fans in the entertainment industry react and that’s what a big company should never say”, adding “From the beginning of the incident, HYBE has engaged in unreasonable media manipulation”

In response, other netizens commented:

– They (people from HYBE) are actually the most emotional 

– As expected, people working in that industry are similar to each other. They are more emotional than anyone else, but they always think they’re rational…

– Those people are just the sameㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just live your own world

– Rationally speaking, it’s scarier when an old man does not respond to minor kids when they greet him. Just say you were upset or something

– Please, just be quiet, HYBE.

– That’s why people have been talking about being emotional or things like that during the past few days