Netizens react to former EXO member Lay making a comeback and promoting in Korea

Former EXO member Lay will make his solo comeback in April… Appearing on Korean music shows

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LAY ZHANG, EXO’s global star, is scheduled to release his solo album worldwide in mid-April and do his album activities in Korea

1. Who in Korea is interested in his solo activities in Korea?

2. What is this kid really doing…? Why is he suddenly promoting in Korea?

3. Is he not active in China?

4. Wow.. He’s amazing in so many ways. His mentality is amazing

5. Don’t use EXO’s name

6. I don’t want to see him

7. He still has many fans in Korea, right? What the?

8. Does he have Korean fans?

9. ???? Who welcomes him?

10. Is he just using K-pop?

11. He’s just taking advantage of K-pop

12. You have to be famous in Korea to be famous in China

13. I don’t know about overseas, but does he have fans in Korea?

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