Netizens react to HYBE responding to Min Heejin’s press conference

[Official] HYBE stated their opinion on ‘Min Heejin’s press conference’, “You are not qualified to be a manager, please resign immediately”

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1. What is certain is that Min Heejin is not normal. Not everyone acts this way just because they feel unfair and angry at the company

2. She seems like a psychopath

3. Even after watching that press conference, do you still support Min Heejin? There are many crazy people in the world

4. It’s true that she’s not qualified to be a manager, and it’s also true that mentioning the members will damage the artists’ value

5. People who support Min Heejin, I really hope they can meet and work with someone like Min Heejin at their company

6. If I were an idol’s parent, I would hate the CEO doing something like that ㅠㅠ I’m so worried about NewJeans ㅠㅠ

7. I think the press conference today proved that she is not qualified to be a manager

8. What Min Heejin did today was for her own benefit, not a press conference

9. Why did she mention the members’ parents? If she really cares about them, she shouldn’t do that

10. That’s the truth but HYBE should also apologize to Aespa

11. Honestly, how can you believe every word Min Heejin says, and how can HYBE refute every word?

12. Bang Si Hyuk should apologize to Aespa. It’s true that Min Heejin needs to resign

13. Bang Si Hyuk is also not qualified to be a manager

14. This is the first time I’ve seen a CEO swear so much during a press conference

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