Netizens react to Min Heejin saying that ILLIT’s plagiarism of NewJeans is the cause of the conflict

[Exclusive] Min Heejin “Bang Si Hyuk’s copying of NewJeans is the cause of conflict”

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Min Heejin, “ILLIT copying NewJeans is not something that BeLift Lab did themselves, but HYBE was related to it as well. HYBE, who claims to be the leader of K-Pop, was blinded by profits, and they are copying successful culture contents without any hesitation at all. ADOR has never allowed anyone to copy NewJeans’ results.”

1. That’s Bang Si Hyuk’s company

2. No, even if it is an issue, what does leaking internal documents have to do with it?

3. If anyone believes this, raise your fist and hit yourself in the head right now

4. Even if that’s true, does it matter if NewJeans are HYBE’s idols?

5. Hadn’t she been trying to escape since last year?

6. Is she jealous of ILLIT’s success?

7. I guess Min Heejin is no longer needed because now HYBE can do the same thing

8. For some reason, I’ve seen a lot of posts in the community about ILLIT copying NewJeans…

9. Strictly speaking, NewJeans is HYBE’s girl group, so what is she talking about?

10. But honestly, when ILLIT’s first teaser was released, didn’t everyone say they looked like NewJeans?

11. No, then you can fight about it. Why do you commit a crime? Do you know what you did?

12. Is that the only reason she found???

13. Hasn’t she been stealing data since last year?

14. No, if you’re a designer, don’t you know better than anyone that even if your work is your own, it still belongs to the company?

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