Netizens recall GD’s interviews with erratic behavior in light of scandal

Article: YG’s statement on GD’s drug booking, “He is not our artist, difficult for us to make a response”

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Source: Mydaily via Nate

[+461, -2] Why am I just not surprised at all;;

[+122, -1] Feels like it wasn’t even that long ago that YG was trying to fight him for trademark rights over his name and now they’re swiftly cutting all ties with him ㅋㅋ

[+50, -0] What a mess, you two~~

[+37, -2] Always thought his salute felt off when he got out of the army, was he high back then too?

[+10, -0] Maybe YG planted it on him… as punishment for not renewing with them

[+8, -0] Everyone already expecetd it from him~ we were just waiting to see when he would get caught

[+7, -0] ㅜㅜ Was all those weird movements at the airport because he was on drugs ㅜㅜ

[+6, -0] I always wondered when he’d get caught~! He lasted longer than I thought. He’s been fighting these rumors all his career~!

[+6, -0] Eh, none of us are surprised, are we?

 ArticleNew drug charge after 12 years, GD’s interview where he’s rambling + constantly fidgeting brought back to light

Source: Sports Today via Nate

[+224, -1] That facial expression where he scrunches his face, it’s totally the same thing Yoo Ah In does, I’m getting goosebumps…

[+94, -0] Hul, that facial expression is exactly the same as Yoo Ah In used to make in interviews..

[+66, -1] It doesn’t seem like the drugs are the only things he’s high on in the video… he seems worse off than Yoo Ah In
– I was surprised at how different his face has been looking recently. And it’s not because of aging, just… something felt off

[+53, -0] Not surprised… at all

[+18, -0] G-Drugon~

[+5, -0] He always did seem to behave similarly to Yoo AH In

[+5, -0] All the kids that we suspected were on drugs are being found to have been on drugs

[+4, -0] Still amazes me how he has fans