Netizens shocked at Kim Hieora’s remark in the transcript of phone call with victim 

Kim Hieora and the victim both publicized the transcript of their conversation but there was a difference

On September 9th, Dispatch disclosed the transcript of a conversation between Kim Hieora, and victim H, who also studied at Wonju Sangji Girls’ Middle School.

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kim hieora

According to the media, H said to Kim Hieora, “You hit me the most, didn’t you? Eora ah, To be honest, if you really wanted to apologize, I think you should have contacted me before appearing on ‘The Glory’”.

Kim Hieora asked back, “You want me to admit it?”. H said, “Of course”. Kim Hieora replied, “Then I’ll admit it. But if you file a report against me, your personal information will be revealed.” 

Kim Hieora’s agency Gram Entertainment also released a transcript of the phone call, claiming that some parts of the conversation had been edited. 

kim hieora

However, the transcript released by Kim Hieora’s agency muted the end of the sentence when Kim Hieora said “If you filed a report against me…”. They did not include the part “your personal information will be revealed”, but added H’s response, saying “You can just reveal our personal information. We’re victims and you’re the criminal.”

Both sides released different versions of the conversation but the public is paying more attention to the previous one reported by Dispatch. Many people said they got goosebumps hearing Kim Hieora threatening “If you file a report against me, your personal information will be revealed”.

kim hieora

The school violence controversy intensifies as the battle of truth between Kim Hieora and the victims continues.

Meanwhile, Kim Hieora made her name known to the public through Netflix’s original series “The Glory” last year. She recently appeared in the musical “FRIDA” and performed a stage on September 9th despite the ongoing scandal.

Source: Insight