Netizens Shocked by BTS’s Jin’s Decision to Hug 1000 Fans After Discharge

Recently, the full schedule for the 2024 BTS FESTA – an event held to celebrate BTS’s 11th debut anniversary, was announced via the boy group’s SNS platforms. 

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According to this schedule, BTS’s Jin, who will get discharged from the army on June 12, will attend the June 13 event in person. Notably, during the meet-and-greet segment of the 2024 BTS FESTA offline event, there will be a “hug event” where 1000 fans can be hugged by Jin. 

These lucky fans will be decided by raffle, and can opt for a handshake if they do not wish to be hugged. Additionally, it was revealed that Jin personally requested for the event to be held. 

The fact that Jin decided to hug 1000 fans came as a shock to many netizens, who expressed this sentiment clearly on Korean forums. 

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • Wow it is not a live broadcast but direct hugs with fans? One of a kind…
  • This is really, really crazy
  • Jin requested this himself??? The fans must have been sent into a frenzy 
  • I’m already jealous of the winners even before they win.
  • Hug at the artist’s request… I don’t think this has ever happened before 

Source: theqoo