Netizens shocked by Song Minho’s appearance while in service

Article: Song Minho serving as a social worker, latest update shows long dyed hair + mustache

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Source: Insight via Instagram

[+941] Obviously he looks like this because he got permission from where he’s serving but he’s still a celebrity who’s serving in the public eye, this feels really inconsiderate… The military does not exempt you from active duty just to behave like this in alternative service…

[+375] He got out of serving active duty because of his depression or whatever, but I feel like it was all for show

[+253] Does he not have to follow uniform rules?

[+182] Is he a Caribbean pirate?

[+16] Another moment of respect for BTS for serving confidently and proudly in a country full of fools who are doing anything they can to get out of service

[+54] I don’t know what happened to him, he was so cool back then… 

[+158] Not like I ever expected a celebrity to adhere to all the rules of service anyway

[+40] He’s a social worker, no? This is celebrity disease to the max!

[+94] This is not… what I would expect a social worker to look… like… nevermind 😮‍💨

[+59] It’s not like he’s working at a friend’s company, he’s serving his country, shouldn’t the most basic upkeep of appearance be expected still? He’s still under service right now…

[+63] He’s such a mess

[+33] He gets to serve like this and still be considered the same as the rest of us who served active duty?

[+25] Why is he like this though?

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

[+464] Is his public service work in the middle of the mountains….? 

[+251] I didn’t know it was okay for social workers to look like this

[+8] Aigoo-ya… you would think he of all people would know that you shouldn’t mess around with military service, that you should follow all the rules and more so that you don’t hear a peep of any scandal like this, because you know it will follow you for the rest of your career….

[+15] Would not even know this was Song Minho if not for the tattoos; 

[+60] Is he even showing up to service every day? Because we normally hear stories and fan accounts from other service workers at the same station but not a peep about him…

[+5] What kind of service is he providing to our country..

[+2] Alternative service my f*cking a$$