Netizens Surprised by Most Watched K-pop Boy Groups on YouTube in 2024 First Half in Korea

On July 2, a topic titled “YouTube Views Rankings of K-pop Boy Group in Korea in the first half of 2023” was published on the Korean forum Instiz, drawing attention. 

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According to this topic, the top 9 most watched K-pop boy group on South Korean YouTube in the first half of 2024 is as below:

  1. SEVENTEEN (131 million views)
  2. BIGBANG (112 million views)
  3. BTS (94 million views)
  4. RIIZE (83 million views)
  5. TWS (60 million views)
  6. BTOB (49 million views)
  7. NCT Dream (48 million views)
  8. Stray Kids (47 million views)
  9. EXO  (39 million views)

Overall, most netizens are shocked by the appearance of BTS and BIGBANG, who haven’t made any comeback within the year. Some were also shocked by the fact that TWS, a newly-debuted group, managed to make the list. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Wow BIGBANG?? This is shocking
  • BTS still does well even during their military service huh
  • SEVENTEEN is amazing 
  • BTS is BTS, but what happen and why is BIGBANG still so high
  • Huh, it’s surprising to see TWS. I don’t think they are that popular and they only debuted 6 months ago
  • Koreans still watch BIGBANG so much in 2024??

Source: Instiz