Netizens suspect that ILLIT Wonhee directly reporting malicious comments was staged by HYBE

ILLIT Wonhee directly reports malicious comments? “So pitiful” vs “Create sympathy from public opinion”

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1. In any case, I understand that HYBE does not protect artists

2. It may be staged, but they’re still pitiful

3. I feel sorry for Wonhee, and HYBE needs to protect the members;

4. Is it staged?? Crazy;;

5. It seems like this is staged, that company can do that


7. Regardless of whether it was staged or not, the truth is that HYBE did not protect the artists properly

8. Why did they give a phone with malicious comments to a member?

9. I can’t believe they do this because they want sympathy from the public… Are they human?

10. Whether it was staged or not, the company is trash

11. Wow it gave me goosebumps

12. They don’t protect the artists at all and just use them until the end

13. It was staged

14. Why do they make artists do things that employees would do?

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