Netizens talk about LE SSERAFIM Yunjin will also feature in J-Hope’s album

Looks like LE SSERAFIM Yunjin will also feature on J-Hope’s album

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1. Huh???? Why don’t I see this???

2. I don’t know about Yunjin, but I can see LE SSERAFIM

3. Hul I love this album

4. Daebak

5. When will this album be released?

-> March 29 at 1pm!!

6. I can’t see her name

7. Am I the only one who doesn’t know..? It would be great if it were true

8. I saw Jungkook from BTS

9. It’s Yunjin from LE SSERAFIM, this is amazing

10. I’m looking forward to it

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