Netizens talk about LE SSERAFIM’s upcoming Coachella performance

LE SSERAFIM’s second performance at ‘Coachella’ USA today (21)

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Coachella will be broadcast live on YouTube and LE SSERAFIM’s performance will last for 40 minutes starting at 2:50 p.m. (Korean time) today

Many Kpop fans are paying attention to LE SSERAFIM whether they will do well this time or not

1. I hope they do well this time

2. You can’t improve your skills in a few days, so do everything you can to do well

3. Let’s do well this time, don’t disgrace K-pop

4. Please do your best because you represent Korea

5. Is this a group where 4 out of 5 members can’t sing?

6. I think today they would be criticized more if they lip-synced;;

7. I’m curious to know what Sakura will say this time

8. LE SSERAFIM fighting

9. Good luck! Most Koreans won’t say anything if you do well

10. Now is not the time to worry about your pride, lip syncing is the answer

11. I guess they will lip sync. They also lip sync at concerts

12. If you’re really not confident then I think lip syncing is a good choice

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