Netizens talk about RIIZE’s skills after watching ‘Love 119’ live on MUSIC STATION for the first time

RIIZE performed on MUSIC STATION for the first time – Love 119 live

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1. Wonbin has that face, he even sings and dances well

2. I don’t think they were performing live

3. It’s worse than I thought

4. It seems like each singer’s live evaluation standards are different

5. Isn’t it amazing that they dance and perform live like this??

6. Sohee sings live so well

7. SM’s live performance seems to be the best… This group is also good

8. Wow, Sohee and Wonbin are so good… But why is RIIZE so handsome?

9. Anton is so handsome, that hair suits him so well

10. Wonbin sings so well

11. They did well. Every time I watch RIIZE perform, Sohee and Wonbin seem to be the center of attention

12. I thought Wonbin was a dancing member, but he’s good at everything

13. Anton is so handsome, his live is also good

14. I was surprised that Wonbin did so well

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