Netizens talk about The Black Label’s new girl group having a member from the Chaebol family

Shinsegae’s granddaughter joins a girl group? The Black Label “Details will be revealed later.”

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On January 6, The Black Label said, “The girl group we’re producing is preparing to debut in the first half of this year. We’ll share more details at a later time. We ask for your understanding.”

1. Wow, I’m looking forward to Teddy’s girl group

2. Korea seems to be the only culture that makes a fuss about chaebol’s children becoming idols

3. If that’s true then I wonder why she wants to become an idol

4. I guess that’s right

5. Daebak, I’m looking forward to Teddy’s girl group

6. As soon as they debut, they will rise to the top among girl groups

7. Shinsegae’s granddaughter???

8. It will be a hot topic

9. Do you guys hate her because she’s rich and pretty?

10. I really hate it..

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