Netizens talk about whether they are satisfied with HYBE’s concerts even though HYBE’s concert ticket prices are expensive

People say that HYBE’s concert ticket prices are expensive but are you satisfied with the concert?

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I’m curious because I’ve never been to HYBE’s concert

1. When I saw the stage set, it was worth it

2. I’m satisfied with the money I spent. However, it’s still expensive

3. I’m really satisfied

4. I’m really pleased with what I’ve seen

5. I went to Seventeen’s concert in Gocheok and everything was good, but the most impressive thing was the lighting… Ah, I realized that this is what happens when you invest money in lighting

6. I understand why HYBE is at the top of the music industry

7. BTS really spent a lot of money from fireworks to drones and special effects

8. Looking at the comments, among the labels, Big Hit seems to have the highest level of satisfaction, the quality is also good

9. It’s not good

10. Since it was a concert, I didn’t think about the price and just enjoyed it

11. I don’t know because I’ve never been to other HYBE groups’ concerts, but I was so satisfied with BTS’s concert. I never thought it was expensive

12. I still think it’s expensive

13. BTS concert was good, I don’t know about other singers because I haven’t been to their concert

14. I only went to BTS concert, but I’m satisfied with everything

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