Netizens think that YG’s music quality has really decreased so much

YG’s music quality really decreased so much

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Aside from GD and AKMU who are able to compose their songs, after 15 years, they’re still releasing 100% the same type of music

They definitely don’t challenge themselves, they don’t experiment or put any effort into music, they always try to go against the trend

1. These days, I feel like Teddy plays a really big role in YG

2. The thing is the music style is still the same the style was the same 10 years ago… And it looks like it will still be the same 10 years from now

3. There are so many different genres in K- Pop because the big agencies have high quality A&R team, so most songs are good, but YG’s songs are disappointing and outdated

4. BLACKPINK was only good because of Teddy

5. K-pop songs are mass produced and boring and make you wonder if songwriting is a hassle.. Factory style without creativity

6. It’s a company where only Teddy and GD work. AKMU and Winner also compose their own songs

7. Since Teddy left, YG is so bad… When I listened to Baby Monster’s song, it was my first time thinking that YG’s song was bad

8. Teddy… seems like a genius

9. Listening to Teddy’s old songs, I was surprised because they were not outdated but still good, including the solo songs of 2NE1, Big Bang and BLACKPINK

10. Many people believe that YG’s music quality is stuck in the 2000s

11. I’m more looking forward to The Black Label

12. For real, the song quality would go down without Teddy

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