New Jeans’ Fans Send Protest Trucks to HYBE Headquarters

Bunnies support New Jeans to become a part of HYBE

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Min Heejin, stop exploiting your relations with New Jeans and their families

Min Heejin, stop slandering other artists

-I feel really bad for the fans…

-Oh… The fans who sent these protest trucks must be the sane ones…

-Please, listen to what the fans are saying

-I bet the fans are the most upset ones in this whole situation

-I think they should’ve sent it to ADOR Headquarters, though… Anyway, it’s still a great move.

-I can’t imagine how stressful it must be for the fans…

-So what’s going to happen to New Jeans now?

-Oh Gosh… I almost forgot about them. New Jeans is being dragged for nothing here.

-These might be the most normal protest trucks I have ever seen in my entire life.

-It’s not too late. So please, refrain yourself from doing more foolish things and fix this. 

-What wrongdoings did the fans commit to deserve this…

-I think the fans sent these trucks for New Jeans to see… It’s their way to tell the girls to make the right choice. 

-These fans did the right thing. They need to cut off ties with Min Heejin before she drags them into a bigger chaos. 

-New Jeans’ fans are so smart