New Jeans Minji Phoning Status Message


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She just changed it recently

-Seriously… Why are you guys overreacting about this?

-I’m sure New Jeans will make a statement before they resume their activities. Can’t you just wait for a bit?

-It was just posted briefly for fans and then deleted right away, why make a fuss since it wasn’t meant for you to see anyway?

-Minji usually communicates with her fans about five times a week. I think this is one of her ways of reassuring fans that everything’s gonna be okay. I wonder what she meant by those emojis by the way…

-Minji, stay strong. New Jeans, fighting!!

-What’s the big deal about this??

-What’s the problem with posting such a picture on a communication app for fans? I personally think New Jeans have to speak up and release a statement. However, since their parents are involved now, it might be difficult to come out with an immediate statement. I’m sure they’re probably already in the middle of sorting things out, anyway. For me, it seems like Minji posted this to comfort fans amidst the chaos.

-I hope she will make the right decision after careful consideration…

-I don’t think that picture has any special meanings… It seems like she posted that to comfort fans and tell them not to worry…

-Am I the only one who doesn’t understand…? What’s the problem?

-What is this…? Why is it a problem?

-Why does Minji have to apologize for posting this?? She just posted this to comfort fans…

-Instead of changing your status message, apologize.

-Looks like some people are excited because they finally found a reason to hate on New Jeans

-Isn’t it a bit much to criticize with just one emoji?