New Jeans’ performance director, BlackQ, posted on Instagram


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I can’t believe this. I’ve been holding back with thoughts like “No way…” and now they’re even copying the ads choreography. To think that someone’s hard work would end up like this… The journey they’ve been through must have never been easy. 

-If it only happened once, it could be a coincidence, but since it happened multiple times, even if it wasn’t intentional, it’s suspicious.
-It’s outrageous, seriously. What is this? It’s like just hiring kids to copy and produce them in a factory. It’s not something humans should do.
-What crime did the girls commit to deserve this? It’s getting harder and harder to even look at them.
-Sigh… It’s blowing up everywhere.
-This is just too much.
-Even if the choreography doesn’t have any copyrights, this is just so wrong.
-This happened not only once or twice, but numerous times. They might as well erase New Jeans at this point.
-This is just not right.
-How much did BlackQ suffer and agonize to say something nice like this? For choreographers, choreography is their life and livelihood.
-… Why are they doing this, seriously?
-If someone copied my assignment and presented it in front of the whole class, I’d be so mad, I’d just grab them by the hair on the spot.
-It seems like HYBE really sees the Korean music industry as a bunch of idiots… Neither the choreography nor the concept nor the style is a public good, it’s someone’s work. You cheap imitation makers, it’s so creepy and unpleasant.