New Meme Is Born! Go Min Si Has the Most Priceless Reaction to Her ‘Best New Actress’ Trophy at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards

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A new meme has been born after Go Min Si made the best, most priceless reaction to her “Best New Actress” award announcement at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Go Min Si Wins Best New Actress at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards

On November 24, stars and creatives gathered for the prestigious event, the Blue Dragon Film Awards, celebrating its 44th year this 2023. A-list and newbie actors and actresses were present, and was packed with winning moments from various stars.

Go Min Si

(Photo : Go Min Si Instagram )

Among the celebrities who attended the show was “Sweet Home” star Go Min Si. Clad in an elegant gown, she stole the spotlight with her sophisticated style.

But aside from her overall appearance during the night, there was an unexpected moment that made her viral.

Go Min Si’s Hilarious Reaction to Her New Award Goes Viral

Go Min Si bagged the Best New Actress at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards for her performance in the movie “Smugglers,” where she played the role of Go Ok Bun. She was competing with big names, such as Ahn Eun Jin, Kim Si Eun, and Ahn Ji Hye for the title. 

Go Min Si

(Photo : Go Min Si Instagram )

Ultimately, the “Youth of May” star won even if she completely didn’t expect it.

After her name was announced the winner, Go Min Si was stunned as her fellow actors Jo In Sung and Park Jung Min helped her up. She continued clapping blankly as she looked around. The actress almost tripped as she prepared to take center stage and get the trophy.

Everyone around, especially her co-stars, were very happy for her, but it was her reaction quickly garnered over 1.6 million views on Twitter.

  • “Go Min Si is so funny and adorable. Like why is she clapping with them for a second when she’s supposed to go on stage. ‘Smugglers’ team was so chaotic that night.”
  • “Go Min Si won the Best New Actress award. Pls her reaction.”
  • “She’s so lagging like that, congratulations for the win in ‘Smugglers’ Min Si!”

What’s Next for Go Min Si

Meanwhile, Go Min Si returns to Netflix this December with “Sweet Home 2” and will continue until 2024 with “Sweet Home 3.”

Go Min So will also star in another Netflix series “In the Woods With No One,” which is scheduled to premiere in 2024.

In addition, the female star is being courted to join with Lee Jong Suk in “I’m Against My Romance.”

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