NewJeans Accused of Plagiarizing Two Songs For Latest Release ‘Bubble Gum’

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NewJeans is being accused of copying not just one, but two songs for their latest single, “Bubble Gum.”

On April 26, NewJeans released the music video for their pre-release single, “Bubble Gum.” This release came at a critical time, as the conflict between ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin and HYBE was intensifying, causing more eyes to be on NewJeans than ever.

The music video, which features a vibrant school setting and a mellow sound that is reminiscent of past NewJeans hits, has excited fans with its fresh vibe.

However, just days before their scheduled comeback with the single “How Sweet,” NewJeans was slammed with plagiarism allegations. Many believe that “Bubble Gum” sounded eerily similar to the song “Easier Said Than Done” by the British jazz-funk group SHAKATAK.

SHAKATAK acknowledged these similarities on their social media and announced plans for further investigation.

In response, a YouTuber posted a video analyzing both songs, showing distinct differences in chord progressions. Thus, they concluded that “Bubble Gum” did not plagiarize “Easier Said Than Done.” The YouTuber suggested that the controversy may have stemmed from a misleading mashup of the two tracks.

It was also theorized that “Bubble Gum” used a sample from “Easier Said Than Done,” but there was no official registration of such a sample on copyright platforms or in the song’s credits. However, this remains a personal analysis and not a definite statement that the group did not plagiarize. Thus, many are waiting to see if ADOR will release a statement on the matter.

“Easier Said Than Done” has been a significant hit since its release in 1981 by SHAKATAK, a group that has seen many lineup changes but remains active.

Additionally, Vietnamese music fans had previously noted that the spoken part of “Bubble Gum” resembled Bich Phuong’s 2021 track “Do You Guess.” However, Bunnies (NewJeans’s fandom) argued that the vocal style was common in many songs prior to both “Do You Guess” and “Bubble Gum.”

The plagiarism accusations against NewJeans have sparked a variety of opinions online. Many do not put that blame on NewJeans themselves but claim the song did sound similar. Others believe the producer should release a statement to clear the air.

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Some comments read,

  • “Yesterday, I saw a comment comparing ‘Bubble Gum’ with ‘Easier Said Than Done.’ They’re quite different; ‘Bubble Gum’ builds up steadily, whereas ‘Easier Said Than Done’ unfolds slowly without a climax. The melody, rhythm, and overall production are totally different.”
  • “It’s weird that the song’s owner acknowledged the similarities but the YouTuber didn’t. It’s best for the public to give their opinions and let the professionals handle it.”
  • “The YouTuber said there was no plagiarism. It’s like having a professional musician or a music review board make that conclusion.”
  • “Has the producer who created ‘Easier Said Than Done’ made any statements? Only the creator would truly know if it was sampled or copied.”
  • “We should ask the producer directly instead of targeting NewJeans!”

What do you think of the situation?

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