NewJeans Disrespected LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae, Sweet Interaction with aespa at Music Bank?

May 30-31 will be unforgettable days for “NewJeans‘ creator” Min Hee-jin, as she received great news following over a month of disputes with HYBE. Not only did the court rule to prevent HYBE’s vote to dismiss her, but Min Hee-jin also gained public support after her second press conference.

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newjeans music bank

Notably, on the afternoon of May 31 at the music program “Music Bank”, NewJeans excelled by surpassing aespa with their song “How Sweet,” winning first place with 9,836 points. Despite being dragged into the “battle” between HYBE and Min Hee-jin and being overtaken by NewJeans, aespa still clapped in support and even patted NewJeans on the back in encouragement.

At the same time, this episode of “Music Bank”, also sparked a controversy over NewJeans allegedly disrespecting Eunchae, the youngest member of LE SSERAFIM. In particular, near the end of NewJeans’ victory speech, there was a prolonged silence, and Eunchae could be seen checking if the NewJeans members had finished speaking.

Just as Eunchae began to speak, however, NewJeans’ Danielle accidentally interrupted to thank CEO Min Hee-jin. Many people felt that the NewJeans member’s action was disrespectful to LE SSERAFIM by “cutting off” her senior. Although Eunchae is younger than some NewJeans members, LE SSERAFIM debuted earlier and are thus considered seniors.

However, many opinions suggest that this was a misunderstanding. NewJeans’ fans pointed out that it was a mishap where both idols wanted to speak but couldn’t see each other, leading to an awkward situation. Some even noted that the two groups had a very cute interaction backstage at Music Bank, indicating no disrespect from NewJeans.

Source: K14