NewJeans Draws Flak For Lip Syncing in Latest University Performance: ‘It’s So Obvious…’

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NewJeans is drawing mixed reactions for supposedly lip-syncing during their most recent university music festival performance.

On May 24, NewJeans made their official comeback with the double single “How Sweet” amidst the ongoing disputes between the CEO of their label, Min Hee Jin, and HYBE.

The group is currently promoting with a four-member lineup due to maknae Hyein taking a hiatus due to her health.

For their promotions, the girl group is performing a series of university music festivals.

Despite expectations, their latest performance at Korea University faced criticism due to the girls lip-syncing for the majority of their set.


NewJeans brought energetic performances of familiar hits like “Super Shy” and “ETA,” along with their new songs “How Sweet” and “Bubble Gum.” NewJeans hyped up the crowd with vibrant performances.

However, their show was slammed with criticism for excessively loud backing tracks that drowned out their live vocals, leading to accusations of blatant lip-syncing.

This isn’t the first time NewJeans has been accused of lip-syncing, but scrutiny has intensified due to the current legal battle between ADOR and HYBE, which has dragged in many names of girl groups under the HYBE umbrella, such as LE SSERAFIM and ILLIT.

The public’s forgiveness for the group is little to none, with netizens of all three girl groups lacking talent.

NewJeans Draws Flak For Lip Syncing in Latest University Performance: 'It's So Obvious...'
NewJeans Draws Flak For Lip Syncing in Latest University Performance: ‘It’s So Obvious…’
(Photo : NewJeans on X)

The disappointment was felt during their university performance, with the audience feeling let down by NewJeans for lip-syncing when LE SSERAFIM and ILLIT were slammed for the same reasons.

This backlash came at a challenging time as NewJeans is also facing allegations of plagiarizing other songs for their “How Sweet” comeback, further tarnishing their reputation.

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Some comments read:

  • “Using a handheld mic while lip-syncing looks so ridiculous.”
  •  “If you’re not going to sing live, don’t bother pretending to hold the mic.”
  •  “Without the loud backtrack, NewJeans’ performance would be just like LE SSERAFIM’s at Coachella. Can’t really sing but adds a few hype words here and there. The inconsistency with backtracks between performances doesn’t help either.”
  •  “Despite being called the ‘number 1 girl group of the fourth generation,’ they’ve been getting a pass without much criticism.”
  •  “Wasn’t it obvious that this group always used loud backtracks?”
  •  “The lip-syncing is so obvious, it’s frustrating.”
  •  “They’re all from the same HYBE mold, and their talent doesn’t seem any better.”

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