NewJeans Follows Jang Wonyoung’s Steps: Reveals Identity of Malicious YouTuber 

On April 11, ADOR, NewJeans‘ agency, filed a request with the U.S. District Court in California to disclose the identity of the owner of a YouTube account defaming NewJeans.

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The YouTuber in question was accused by NewJeans of defaming the group through dozens of videos, which reportedly garnered over 13 million views.

Regarding this, NewJeans’ lawyer stated, “The content includes insults and other mockery directed at NewJeans, causing serious damage to their reputation.”


In response, the U.S. District Court approved ADOR’s request to disclose the identity of the aforementioned YouTube account on April 30. With this approval, ADOR has obtained the YouTuber’s identity and is now able to pursue civil and criminal actions for defamation and other charges.

It is known that this YouTuber has also created and uploaded videos about other groups such as LE SSERAFIM, aespa, BLACKPINK, IVE, and ILLIT.

Despite being sued by NewJeans’ agency, the YouTuber continued to post mocking content about NewJeans member Minji, drawing further criticism.

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Meanwhile, IVE’s Jang Wonyoung’s agency, Starship Entertainment, also previously requested and obtained information from Google about the operator of a YouTube channel that spread malicious rumors about IVE and other artists. The agency then proceeded with a damages lawsuit.

At the time, Jang Wonyoung’s side aimed to set a precedent for punishing similar activities through this lawsuit. It seems that NewJeans has also followed Jang Won-young’s step and joined the fight against malicious YouTubers.

Source: Daum