NewJeans Haerin Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is Group’s Loveable ‘Kitty Kang’ So Far?

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Haerin is a well-loved K-pop idol in today’s K-pop since she is also a member of one of its leading acts in the fourth generation. However, how much has the idol earned?

To know more about Haerin’s earnings, keep on reading below!

NewJeans Haerin Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is Group's Loveable 'Kitty Kang' So Far?
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NewJeans Haerin: How Idol Earned Her Income, Endorsements, Achievements, More

Haerin is a pivotal member of NewJeans, and has sparked online buzz due to her cat-like visuals, introverted personality, and most of all, her fierce dance skills.

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When it comes to popularity, Haerin is considered by many as the group’s representative bias wrecker due to her shy demeanor and charming appearance, alongside her impressive stage performances. This also led Haerin to gain massive traction from the community.

The idol debuted with NewJeans on July 22, 2022, with their lead single “Attention.” This was followed by the release of their first-ever extended play “New Jeans” on August 1, 2022.

Afterwards, Haerin, along with members, Hanni, Danielle, Minji, and Hyein, gradually rose to the top by releasing consecutive bops. These hit songs include “Hype Boy,” “Ditto,” “OMG,” “Super Shy,” “Cool With You,” and “ETA.”

NewJeans eventually became a “chart monster” due to its exposure in both domestic and international music platforms. The group has continuously dominated charts such as MelOn, Bugs, Spotify, Billboard, and many more, which proves their growing fanbase across the globe.

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The virality of their songs ultimately earned them numerous trophies in several award-giving bodies, which include Song of the Year, Artist of the Year, Best Female Group, Rookie Artist Award, Record of the Year, and Billboard Music Award for Top Global K-pop Group.

NewJeans has also garnered numerous deals with different brands and services on their way to stardom. This includes McDonald’s Korea, Coca-Cola, Calvin Klein, Pinkfong, Levi’s, SK Telecom, MUSINSA, Hyundai Department Store Duty-Free, STONEHENgE, and Shinhan Bank.

Aside from Haerin’s involvement and success in the group, she has also managed to stand out on her own. Haerin has also earned her income from songwriting, as well as being the ambassador for DIOR.

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How Wealthy Is Haerin This 2024? Here’s What We Know So Far

NewJeans has always demonstrated exemplary impact on the music scene and mainstream, which can lead to the members, including Haerin, to benefit from their hard work and success.

According to sources, Haerin has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million USD this 2024. The group is also slated to release a comeback on May 24, which suggests that Haerin’s income could also increase over time.

When it comes to income growth, one major factor for this is the group’s increasing fanbase. The fifth generation is slowly making its mark, but the pull and impact of fourth generation groups are still noteworthy, and NewJeans is at its leading spot.

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