NEWJEANS Haerin’s Latest Magazine Cover Sets New Standard for Unconventional Beauty — Here’s Why

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NewJeans’ Haerin is making waves in the fashion world, capturing attention with her daring and unconventional styling featured on the cover of W Korea.

Despite her relatively young age, Haerin has swiftly established herself as a powerful influencer since her debut in 2022, gracing the covers of prestigious fashion magazines like Vogue and ELLE.

With each appearance, she consistently showcases a different facet of her versatile style, cementing her status as a trendsetter in the industry.

A Glimpse into Haerin’s Elegance on W Korea Editions

The highly anticipated covers of Haerin for the upcoming W Korea editions were unveiled on February 15, offering a captivating glimpse into her evolving style.

NewJeans Haerin

(Photo : @newjeans_official/Instagram)

One particular photograph stands out, portraying Haerin as the epitome of a true model, exuding an undeniable elegance that defies her youthful years.

Social media erupted with playful banter as netizens jokingly suggested that traditional models might be grateful Haerin chose the path of an idol.

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Haerin’s Cat-Inspired Makeover Takes Fans by Storm

However, it was the second cover that truly stole the hearts of fans, as Haerin boldly embraced a more unconventional and whimsical look.

NewJeans Haerin
(Photo : @newjeans_official/Instagram)

Emphasizing her distinctive cat-like features, the makeup artist ingeniously sculpted her hair into feline ears and adorned her with cat-inspired makeup.

A post shared by instagram

This audacious departure from the norm not only showcased Haerin’s fearless approach to fashion but also sparked an immediate and overwhelmingly positive response from fans who praised her for embracing a bold and unique identity.

Haerin’s Magazine Covers Continue to Ignite a Frenzy

The unconventional cat-inspired cover swiftly became a sensation on social media, with netizens expressing their excitement and admiration for Haerin’s daring styling choice.

NewJeans Haerin
(Photo : @newjeans_official/Instagram)

 Despite the potential initial skepticism of such a look on a magazine cover, Haerin’s captivating visuals effortlessly made the unconventional styling work, leaving fans captivated and utterly obsessed with her bold and distinctive “cat” identity. True to her reputation, Haerin’s magazine covers and photoshoots consistently create a frenzy, causing a virtual meltdown among fans.


our little cat
My pretty cat!!
Kang Kittie KITTY KANG
Whose kitten is this
stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, charming, unforgettable, unassailable…

Stay tuned for more instances of Haerin’s innovative and boundary-pushing approach to redefining beauty standards in the industry.