NewJeans Hailed As Korea’s Youthful Tourism Ambassadors for 2024

In a move aimed at bolstering Korea’s appeal among global youth, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has appointed the popular girl group NewJeans as Honorary Ambassadors for Korean Tourism for the year 2024.

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This prestigious appointment was marked by a special ceremony where the ministry officials presented the group with a plaque recognizing their role in promoting Korean culture and tourism worldwide.


NewJeans, known for their vibrant presence in the K-pop industry, will spearhead campaigns targeting the global 2030 generation.

This demographic has shown a significant interest in Korean culture, with a substantial 35.6% of foreign tourists under the age of 30 visiting Korea last year.

Moreover, 84% of these travelers were independent explorers, drawn primarily by Korean Wave content, as reported by the Ministry.


The group’s ambassadorship will focus on showcasing “Koreans’ Korea,” a concept highlighting authentic and unique Korean experiences that go beyond typical tourist spots.

This approach aims to introduce travelers to local traditions and everyday life, providing insights that cannot be found through conventional online searches.

NewJeans’ promotional efforts will feature them immersing themselves in Korean daily life activities such as exploring traditional markets, enjoying culinary delights like gimbap dipped in tteokbokki sauce, savoring cup noodles after a hike, and relishing chungmu gimbap by the beach.

These activities are designed to resonate with young global travelers seeking authentic cultural experiences.

“We are honored to be appointed as Honorary Ambassadors for Korean Tourism. We look forward to sharing our love for Korean culture with fans around the world and inviting them to discover the beauty and warmth of Korea through our eyes.”

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism expressed confidence that NewJeans’ widespread popularity and influence will significantly enhance Korea’s appeal as a top destination for global travelers, particularly among the younger demographic.

  • newjeans has been appointed as Honorary Ambassadors for Korean Tourism <3 
  • Nation’s daughters and pride, no can change that fact 
  • might be hard for international antis to visit korea anytime soon…coz njs faces is gonna be everywhere… 
  • now nobody is going to korea anymore

This partnership is expected to further propel the growth of cultural tourism in Korea, building on the success of the Korean Wave phenomenon.