NewJeans Hanni “I was so nervous about communicating with fans”

NewJeans Hanni revealed anecdotes from the early days of her debut

On Sep 13th, Hanni’s interview video was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of the magazine “BAZAAR Korea”.

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In the video, Hanni said, “There’s something I’ve been into lately. Not only me, but all the members are into styling and makeup. And I recently bought a game console. I play it whenever I have time.”

hani newjeans

Regarding NewJeans‘ debut stage, Hanni shared, “I couldn’t sleep the night before. I was so nervous because the public had expectations after the music videos came out.

She recalled, “I wasn’t nervous when I went on stage. But I was so nervous about communicating with fans. I couldn’t even raise my hands.

hani newjeans

Finally, Hanni confessed, “I’m still very nervous before going on a big stage. I tend to think ‘Let’s trust myself’ as much as possible.”

Meanwhile, NewJeans released the OST “Beautiful Restriction” of the drama “A Time Called You” on Sep 1st.

Source: Nate