NewJeans ‘How Sweet’ Fashion: Y2K Must-Haves Worth Trying Out To Show Off Your Era-Defining Look!

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On May 24, NewJeans officially released their second single album “How Sweet,” along with the music video for its title track of the same name. The release instantly grabbed the attention of Bunnies due to its music, choreography, and aesthetic.

Moreover, the MV, as well as the teaser photos for “How Sweet,” garnered attention due to the members’ fashion. To know more about their styling, read on!


Red Sweatshirt, Leather Belt, & Nike Jordan 11 Shoes

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During one of the MV’s dance sequences and NewJeans’ comeback stage on “Inkigayo,” Minji wore a printed, short-sleeve sweatshirt from CIOTA, which was accompanied by a cap, a pair of light blue jeans, and Jordan 11 shoes.

Get Minji’s look by checking out this graphic print hoodie, high-waisted jeans, and Jordan 11.


Mesh Football Tee, Pocket Trousers, & Nike x Awake NY Jordans

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Hanni stood out with a sporty look due to her football tee, loose trousers, and Nike shoes. If you’re looking forward to getting Hanni’s style, you can consider buying this white and red varsity option, cargo pants, and Jordans.

Green V-Neck Sweater, Choker, Jeans

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The idol also gave a vibrant look with a green V-Neck cable knit sweater from Sporty & Rich, a gold Bode choker, denim jeans, and ankle boots from Timberland. Achieve the look with this cropped green sweater, flower pendant, jeans, and boots.


Golden Orange Split Hoodie, Posh Script Navy Cap, Nape Tank

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In one of NewJeans’ individual teasers for “How Sweet,” Danielle slayed a golden orange hoodie from NOAH, a nape tank, necklace, and cap from Palace. You can copy Danielle by adding this radiant yellow hoodie, Boston cap, cotton shirt, and Y2K jewelry.

Neighborhood Denim Cap, Vest, Denim Pants, Nike Jordan 13


In a separate scene, Danielle wore a Neighborhood denim dad cap, vest, and Air Jordan 13 sneakers. Get the idol’s look with this denim vest, cap, and a pair of Jordan 1 shoes.


Denim Jacket, Pants, White Belt, Light Brown Boots


Haerin slayed denim jacket and cotton trousers from WTAPS. The idol also sported a white belt from NOAH and a pair of boots from Timberland. You can dress up like Haerin by adding items such as this Wrangler denim alternative, a white leather belt, and Timberland boots from Amazon.


Hysteric Glamour’s Red Long-Sleeved Shirt & Polar Skate & Co’s Light Blue Jeans

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Youngest member Hyein stole the spotlight with a red long-sleeved shirt from Hysteric Glamour and a pair of jeans from Polar Skate & Co.

Accomplish the idol’s look with this casual top and light blue jeans. If you’d like a little twist, then you can also add this red short-sleeved hoodie to your collection!