NewJeans Hyein posted a photo with the words ‘Stop Copying’ on ILLIT’s debut day

NewJeans Hyein, “Stop Copying” on ILLIT’s debut day… Do you have the same thoughts as ‘mother’ Min Heejin?

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Hyein posted several photos to the NewJeans fan community on March 25. Among these, a photo with the words ‘Stop Copying’ attracted attention from netizens

The day Hyein posted this photo was ILLIT’s debut day

1. Don’t touch Hyein ㅠㅠ

2. Min Heejin, why are you a mother? Is there any mother who uses her child as a shield?

3. Just criticize Min Heejin for her mistakes, don’t touch NewJeans…

4. Hyein is said to be the only member chosen by Min Heejin

5. Seeing this, the artist’s statement needs to be revealed

6. I think things like this will keep happening until NewJeans draws the line clearly

7. She may have been brainwashed by Min Heejin. She is young and has no sense of justice

8. ‘Mother’ Min Heejin.. What the hell?

9. What are you saying? Leave her alone

10. Do you really want to do this to a kid?;;

11. If you raise them for money then you are not a mother but a nanny

12. They joke about wearing the same clothes, and the members always tell Haerin not to copy her

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