NewJeans Hyein Shocks Netizens With First Look at Her Bedroom

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NewJeans Hyein gave fans her first glimpse at her bedroom!

On May 9, 2024, Hyein held a live stream through NewJeans’ fan communication platform, Phoning. There, she gave fans a glimpse at how she chose to decorate her room.

Compared to the girl group’s living and dining area, which is sleek, modern, and sophisticated, Hyein’s room has a more cozy vibe. She opted for quilts and fabrics that have a vintage feel.

Though not seen that well in photos and videos from the live stream, she appears to have a wooden corner with shelves and a desk.

The idol showcased her unique trinkets as well. Despite being born in 2008, she owns a Walkman where she can listen to discs.

The NewJeans member also showed different vinyl records she owns. She even has a cute little green frog lamp!

In other screenshots, she showed a unique glass mug with a grape-embossed design.

Following the live stream, a post titled “NewJeans Hyein just showed her room for the first time and it looks so cozy” was shared to the well-known South Korean community forum Instiz.

The original poster shared screenshots from Hyein’s live stream.

Many people commented that her room looks so cozy and that she has a “grandma’s vintage aesthetic.” People claimed that her room had woodland vibes.

Coincidentally, Hyein performed “Child in the Forest” when she was in elementary school.

Others claimed her room has a Ghibli vibe. Overall, people believe Hyein suits the room so well and called the design “Hyein-style.”

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Some comments read:

  • “Wow, her room is so pretty!”
  • “There is a reason why she danced ‘Child in the Forest’ when she was in elementary school.”
  • “So that’s her room! It looks so cozy, I thought it was her hometown.”
  • “It looks like she has a grandma’s vintage aesthetic. It’s like she took stuff from her own house.”
  • “Wow, she suits this style too well. This baby girl is so pretty.”
  • “It has Ghibli style, it’s so cute.”
  • “Hyein suits this style so well, it’s so pretty!”
  • “This is so so so so so so Hyein style!”

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