NewJeans’ Hyein Supposed Shade Against ILLIT Debunked — Here’s What It Actually Means

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NewJeans’ member Hyein was suspected of dissing ILLIT during their debut. However, that has since been debunked, and another reason for her post was revealed.

As fans know, HYBE and ADOR are currently in hot waters. After HYBE Labels accused ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin of attempting to usurp management rights over the label and trying to separate from HYBE, Min Hee Jin fought back. She claimed the feud started due to HYBE and BELIFT Lab plagiarizing NewJeans for ILLIT’s debut.

After this revelation, all eyes are on NewJeans current and past activities. One thing that caught people’s attention was a photo from Hyein supposedly shading ILLIT. But is it true? Keep on reading for all the details.

NewJeans Hyein’s Suspected of Shading ILLIT

Back on March 25, 2024, Hyein shared a series of photos to NewJeans’s fan community, Phoning.


Among the photos posted, one stood out. It featured Haerin lying down on the sofa with the phrase “Stop copying” alongside it. Coincidentally, the date on which Hyein shared the photos is also ILLIT’s debut date.

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Recently, ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin accused HYBE Labels and BELIFT Lab of copying NewJeans’s concept for ILLIT’s debut. She claimed that everything, including hair, makeup, stage outfits, dancers, teasers, videos, and event appearances, is copied from ILLIT.

This, paired with Hyein adding the words “stop copying” to her photo, caused a stir online, with people believing Hyein was siding with Min Hee Jin and accusing ILLIT of copying the group.

NewJeans Hyein’s Supposed Diss Against ILLIT Proven False

According to NewJeans fans, Haerin is known as the “copy cat” of the group, as she often imitates what the members do. Therefore, the phrase “Stop copying, Haerin” has become a meme among the members and their fandom. With this in mind, Bunnies believe Hyein was showing her playful side by mentioning the phrase “Don’t copy” in a picture featuring Haerin.

Some netizens still don’t believe this is the case, with them believing it is still a photo targeting ILLIT. However, Bunnies stress that it is a simple joke among members and that, ultimately, the phrase “Stop copying” does not carry any ill intent.


NewJeans is scheduled to make their first comeback in 2024 with a double single release on May 24. They are scheduled to drop a pre-release single on April 27.

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