NewJeans Impresses with Love for Fans: Preparing Luxury Gifts Worth 150,000 Won

On June 2nd, a post with photos titled ‘NewJeans Gifts for Fans’ were uploaded to an online community.

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On this day, NewJeans performed on the SBS Inkigayo stage and prepared tribute gifts for fans who came to the music show recording to support them.

newjeans gifts

The gifts revealed by fans included a perfume from the luxury brand Gucci, where Hanni serves as a global ambassador, a pouch, a ‘Bunnies’ doll representing the fandom, chocolate bars, jelly, various snacks, and photo cards.

Notably, the Gucci perfume is said to be worth approximately 150,000 won.

Netizens reacted with comments such as “Awesome,” “If I were Bunnies, I’d be so happy,” and “Their love for fans is amazing.”

Meanwhile, NewJeans recently released the double single ‘How Sweet’ and the accompanying track ‘Bubble Gum.’