NewJeans is so pretty even when zooming in “Danielle is truly a goddess”

NewJeans members showed their affection for each other

On Sep 15th, NewJeans released a video titled “[Light Jeans] 2nd EP ‘Get Up’ Music Show Behind 🦋 EP.3 | NewJeans” through their official YouTube channel.

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In the video, NewJeans appeared to be preparing in the waiting room before filming a music show. Haerin explained the concept, “Today is our first ‘ASAP’ performance. We’re all going to have bangs for today’s performance.

Danielle showed the polaroid photo she took to the camera, saying, “I took a photo of Haerin and Hyein. It looks great.“ The members praised Danielle, “Mo Photo, Mo Photo!“ 


Danielle showed her photo, saying, “Minji took one of me too.” The members praised Danielle’s beauty, “Mo Goddess.” Hearing this, Danielle smiled shyly.

Haerin, who completed hair and makeup for the performance, shared, “As I mentioned earlier, we’re all going to have bangs today. So I have my bangs on right now, and there’s a heart on my face!” She also showed her new nails on the screen, saying, “Aren’t they so pretty? It’s totally space-themed… It’s space vibes.


The members’ snack on that day was cherry tomatoes. Danielle showed a bag of cherry tomatoes to the camera, saying, “I brought cherry tomatoes with me so I can share them with the others.” At the same time, she expressed her feelings about the promotional period, “When I heard it would be six weeks, I thought it would feel pretty long, but I’m sad at how fast time flew by. I’m happy that we got to share so much with everyone.


Danielle gave the members a mission, “To get tomatoes, you need to act cute.” Haerin and Hanni looked at Danielle with lovely expressions, and Danielle distributed tomatoes with a satisfied expression, saying, “Hanni is adorable.” Danielle ate snack and confessed, “The best tomatoes I’ve ever bought.”

Meanwhile, NewJeans made a comeback with their second EP “Get Up” on Aug 21st.

Source: Daum