NewJeans Minji Promotes aespa’s ‘Armageddon’ in HYBE Building — Karina Reacts

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NewJeans member Minji made it her mission to promote aespa’s “Armageddon” in the HYBE building, and Karina couldn’t be prouder!

On June 10, 2024, several South Korean online community forums were buzzing over Minji’s recent actions to promote aespa! During a live stream on Phoning, NewJeans’s fan communication platform, Minji revealed that she spread aespa’s “Armageddon” alien invasion stockers all over HYBE’s building without anyone’s knowledge.

Minji confessed that her manager told her it was not allowed, but decided to do it anyway. The NewJeans member secretly hid the stickers in different places across the official HYBE building.

She also revealed that it was aespa’s leader Karina who had given her the stickers when they met up to do each other’s dance challenges for social media. It was even Karina’s idea to place the stickers around the company, as she had asked Minji to spread them around!

Previously, Karina had also given Ryujin these stickers and banners. Their promotional materials mimic conspiracy theories, urging those who see it to listen to “Armageddon” unless they want to be among the first to be “eaten by aliens.”

Minji expressed how proud she was for successfully hiding the stickers inside the HYBE building. She added that there might even be photos that pop up online from people who eventually find the stickers.

Soon after the livestream, Karina took to Bubble to express how proud she is of Minji. She was ecstatic to receive the good news and stated that she knew Minji would succeed. She expressed how happy she is that their parodies have reached the HYBE building.

Karina added that she also wanted to give ITZY member Yeji stickers, as they had also met up to do dance challenges. However, she had forgotten to bring the stickers at the time.

Korean netizens who saw the post couldn’t help but laugh at the interaction. They joked that it was obviously Karina’s idea, noting how funny it is. Many commented that they love the friendship between aespa and NewJeans, adding that they adore the Karina and Minji combo.

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Others praised Minji’s rebellious attitude, joking that Bang Si Hyuk must hate seeing the stickers. For reference, ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin revealed that HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk had asked her if she could “crush aespa” with NewJeans’s debut.

Some comments read,

  • “Oops, Bang Si Hyuk must not like this!”
  • “Girls, I support you!”
  • “Karina is so funny!”
  • “I knew it would be Karina’s idea. I can’t think of anyone else who would ask the girls to do this.”
  • “These two ladies just made my day.”
  • “I fully support their friendship.”
  • “This combo is making me go crazy!”
  • “What rebels!”
  • “I know someone is going to hate this.”
  • “The fact that Minji did exactly what her Karina unie told her to do… LOL!”

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