NewJeans Minji Rates Her Visuals — Why Do K-Netz Disagree?

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NewJeans member Minji rated her visuals during a live stream, and Korean netizens do not agree.

On July 8, social media platforms and South Korean online community forums were buzzing over Minji’s latest live stream on the fan communication platform, Phoning. Several netizens shared screen recordings and screenshots of the young idol, praising her for her gorgeous visuals.

Though fans left several comments praising the idol’s beauty, it appears Minji did not agree. During the live stream, she informed Bunnies that she rated her face a 4.7 out of 10 that day!

Soon, a post titled, “NewJeans Minji who gave her own face a 4.7 out of 10 points” was shared to TheQoo, a well-known online community forum from South Korea. There, the author pretended to be offended, saying “Excuse me…?”

Korean netizens who saw the post couldn’t help but agree. Some joked that if Minji is only a 4.7 out of 10, then the rest of the world must be a -100 out of 10. Others claimed that it was because she was bad at math, and urged the idol to learn math again to give a better rating.

Meanwhile, many gushed over the idol’s beauty during the live stream. Some claimed she appeared beautiful, while others loved her “handsome” beauty. Her nose bridge earned points from Korean netizens for being long and slender. Some even compared her to RIIZE member Wonbin, who has consistently been praised for his looks.

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Many believe that Minji is too humble and that she can be a little more arrogant since she is very pretty.

Some comments read,

  • “I didn’t know Minji was bad at math…”
  • “She is seriously so handsome.”
  • “Wow, Minji’s face is my style… I am having a hard time…”
  • “Minji, you are too humble. You can be a little more arrogant.”
  • “Minji is so so so beautiful.”
  • “She should re-learn her math again.”
  • “Wow, she is so handsome.”
  • “Wow, seriously, her nose bridge in the videos is insane… She is freaking pretty…”
  • “Minji… Then this means our faces are -100 out of 10…”

What do you think of the situation? Tell us in the comments below!

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