‘NewJeans Mom’ Min Heejin, Goes to Yongsan Police Station Today on Charges of Breach of Duty


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by Journalist Sun Mo-Eun

article source: https://n.news.naver.com/article/243/0000061716?sid=105

comment source: theqoo

-Who committed breach of duty?

-But why Yongsan?

-When will HYBE collapse? Who was it that committed breach of duty?

-Since they accused her of breach of duty, she has to appear once (maybe more) to explain or do something. It’s just part of the process, but still, the headline is annoying.

-Where are the real people who committed breach of duty?

-HYBE, go bankrupt.

-Huh? Who committed breach of duty?

-She must be really annoyed dealing with HYBE’s nonsense.

-Min Heejin’s title is CEO.

-Don’t they know the word “CEO”?

-Investigate Bang Sihyuk instead.

-HYBE, screw you.

-I still can’t believe this nonsense is happening. HYBE, may you fall apart. Min Heejin, stay strong.