NewJeans performance director speaks out about ILLIT copying NewJeans on Instagram

NewJeans performance director just posted on Instagram

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“Oh? Really? Even the choreography for the ads? I’ve been holding it in for so long… Can we call this a coincidence? Sure, there can be similarities! But usually, when people take reference, they at least modify it a bit out of courtesy. But this is just straight-up copying.”

1. Damn, I hate ILLIT

2. Seriously, this is too much;;

3. It’s just a plagiarism group

4. They don’t even have money to hire a choreographer? Why are they like that?

5. It’s more funny because of the difference in quality. If you can’t copy, don’t copy

6. They have no conscience

7. At this point, I’m curious about ILLIT’s choreographer

8. Honestly, the kids didn’t do anything wrong, but I’m even starting to hate ILLIT, HYBE is so stupid

9. What’s surprising is that even though Bang Si Hyuk is the main composer, he has no respect for other people’s creations

10. What I’m curious about is, aren’t they embarrassed by this?

11. After all, the same company is doing what the Chinese are doing..?

12. Without NewJeans, there would be no ILLIT

13. Once again I realized that NewJeans are really good at dancing

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