NewJeans Sang Live Too Well They Got Accused of Lip-syncing? 

On the afternoon of May 31, NewJeans secured their 2nd win for the promotion of their song “How Sweet”, marking the first encore stage for HYBE’s girl group during their latest comeback.

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The members of NewJeans also interacted warmly with aespa on stage, despite competing for the trophy.

The group won their second trophy for their comeback with “How Sweet”

As the live singing skills of idols have been a hot topic nowadays, NewJeans’ encore performance quickly drew attention. However, instead of receiving negative comments like many recent groups, NewJeans did too good of a job, they got suspected of lip-syncing. 


In particular, Danielle’s parts sounded identical to the recorded version, leading to suspicions of lip syncing. However, those who paid close attention confirmed that it was indeed her live voice, and the female idol simply did too good of a job. Some even jokingly suggested that Danielle’s voice has the ability to “auto-tune” itself to the music.

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Danielle’s voice sounded exactly like the audio track, it didn’t seem like she’s singing live. With Hanni, you can tell it was live singing, but with Danielle, it was hard to tell because she sounded so good.
  • Her pronunciation is so precise it matches the recording.”
  • Danielle’s voice has an auto-tune feature or something. Now that’s what I call real talent.
  • Amid other live singing accusations, we have a case where a female idol sang too well, it sounded like lip-syncing…

In fact, previously during a performance at a university music festival, NewJeans was suspected of lip-syncing. From the live videos, many music fans commented that NewJeans used an overly loud backtrack that overshadowed their live voices. Critics accused the group of “blatantly lip syncing to the point of being annoying.” Some even mocked NewJeans for “pretending” to use handheld mics while lip syncing.

However, with the latest encore stage, the girl group have successfully refuted all the criticism using their skills, painting a good image in the public’s eye once again. 

Source: K14