NewJeans Stage Name Choices Spark Massive Debate— ‘So Unserious’

In a recent Ask Anything Chat hosted by iHeartRadio and Most Requested Live, the members of the popular K-pop group NewJeans took part in a playful and lighthearted exercise. As the interview progressed, one fan inquired about the group members’ origins and their stage names.

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Instead of opting for a straightforward introduction, the members decided to add a fun twist to the proceedings by selecting new stage names, but only for the duration of the day.

A Playful Chat with NewJeans

Hanni, a member hailing from Melbourne, Australia, initiated the stage name switch-up. She introduced herself as “Cherry Pham.”

This choice was met with a sense of whimsy and excitement as the group’s fans affectionately remembered the nickname “Cherry” that Hanni was called before her debut.

NewJeans Hanni

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Danielle, who spent her formative years in both Australia and Korea, humorously opted for the name “Jerry Jamaica.”

NewJeans Danille

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Her choice brought a touch of eccentricity to the proceedings and elicited laughter from both her fellow members and fans. This unconventional selection perfectly captured the playful spirit of the day.

The group’s next member, Minji, decided to maintain her original stage name, preserving a sense of consistency amidst the amusing and unexpected stage name transformations.

NewJeans Minji

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Hailing from Korea, Minji is known for her talent and charm, and her choice to stick with her original stage name was a delightful nod to her established identity.

Haerin, also from Korea, took her cue from Danielle’s creative stage name and decided to go by “Vanessa.”

NewJeans Haerin

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The decision was seemingly based on her physical appearance that day, with Minji and Hanni humorously remarking that she bore a striking resemblance to someone named Vanessa at that moment.

The group’s maknae (youngest member), Hyein, playfully embraced the opportunity to switch things up by adopting the stage name “Colin” for the day. Her choice brought a fresh and unexpected twist to the group dynamic and the conversation.

NewJeans Hyein

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As news of these new stage names spread, netizens couldn’t help but react to the group’s humorous and spontaneous choices.

Danielle’s choice of “Jerry Jamaica” garnered attention for its playful absurdity, while Hanni’s decision to be “Cherry Pham” rekindled fond memories of her pre-debut nickname, endearing her even more to the fans.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “i love newjeans! you know… minji and vanessa and uhhhh *checks notes* cherry pham, jerry jamaica, and colin!”
  • “jerry jamaica… ijbol danielle is so unserious”
  • “I’m excited to see how the stage names will reflect the individual personalities and styles of the members of NewJeans.”
  • “I’m excited to see how NewJeans will use these stage names in their marketing campaigns.”
  • “I love that NewJeans is thinking outside the box with stage names. It shows their creativity.”

The Ask Anything Chat provided a platform for NewJeans to engage with their audience in a unique and entertaining way, further strengthening the bond between the group and their loyal supporters.

With their ability to effortlessly infuse humor and personality into even the simplest of interactions, NewJeans continues to be a beloved fixture in the world of K-pop, captivating fans with their talents and their ability to have fun at every turn.