NewJeans Surpassed BLACKPINK To Become The First Girl Group to Gain This Achievement!

NewJeans shocked fans by selling out tickets for both nights of Bunnies Camp fan meeting, even needing to release additional tickets. They opened up the restricted view third floor area and sold standing tickets to fans. Tokyo Dome was proudly filled to the brim by NewJeans. Remarkably, the group achieved this feat just under two years after their debut, showcasing their phenomenal growth rate that continues to astound.

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newjeans tokyo dome

During the two-night event, NewJeans dominated social media with their special performances. Global hits were emotionally recreated, and each of the five members showcased their individual charms with memorable stages. The explosive crowd at the fan meeting was the clearest evidence of NewJeans’ real influence in Japan.

newjeans tokyo dome

This achievement is even more significant as NewJeans is the first-ever female K-pop group to accomplish this feat in history. With the scale of their fan meeting at Tokyo Dome, only two other groups have filled all three floors before them. The first was SHINee in 2018, followed by SEVENTEEN with their Love fan meeting in 2023. Both predecessors are extremely famous artists who have built enduring connections with their audiences in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Accordingly, NewJeans has surpassed both BLACKPINK and TWICE to be recognized as “the first female group in history to fill a fan meeting at Tokyo Dome.” The scale of this fan event for the five girls even exceeds concert tours of many famous groups. This rare achievement underscores NewJeans’ real stature, amidst internal conflicts within their creator Min Hee Jin and the HYBE conglomerate.

Netizen reactions:

  • Only three idol groups in history have filled all three floors of Tokyo Dome for fan meetings, including restricted view seats. 2018 – SHINee; 2023 – SEVENTEEN; 2024 – NewJeans. This is the first female group to fill Tokyo Dome up to the third floor.
  • Not only the first female group but also the first to hold a fan meeting at Tokyo Dome.
  • The truth is, no other group is currently promoting with the level of fandom and public recognition as NewJeans.
  • The planning for this group is truly groundbreaking; there’s no other production like it in Korea.
  • Just two years since debut… Insane!
  • I was at Tokyo Dome today, and it was extremely crowded. These girls are at the top.