NewJeans talks about popularity, unique charms, and future goals, “This natural image is our strength”

NewJeans members looked back on the group’s activities and expressed expectations for future promotions

NewJeans guested on the September 19th broadcast of KBS 1TV’s “KBS News9”.

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After making their debut in July last year, NewJeans has become a representative girl group of the 4th generation after releasing consecutive hit songs, such as “Attention”, “Hype Boy”, “Ditto”, etc. The group continued to grow even more by dominating domestic and overseas music charts with the new single “Super Shy” in 2023. They also became the first K-pop girl group to perform in front of 70,000 people at Lollapalooza festival.

Newjeans Minji

Danielle said, “Overseas fans especially like ‘Super Shy’. I was very touched to see the audience enjoying the stage and dancing together with us at Lollapalooza festival”

When asked, “Did you expect the group to be this famous?”, she replied, “Personally, I still can’t believe it, but I could feel that we are receiving so much love when performing. We’re very grateful for that”.

Minji shared, “From the first time I met the members, I already believed that we would be able to do something amazing together someday. But to be honest, I didn’t expect us to receive this much attention and love so quickly.”

Newjeans KBS

Regarding the unique charms of NewJeans that captivated K-pop fans, Minji said, “I think the unique charm and strength of NewJeans is our natural image. Our sincere and natural sides even when we’re not performing on the stage make us stand out.”

Haerin described NewJeans as “cloud”, saying “Depending on the person who looks at them, the clouds can have different shapes and different interpretations. That free-spirited vibe really resembles NewJeans”.

Previously, NewJeans members revealed that their future dream is to hold a world tour. Minji shared, “I love making eye contact with fans when performing on stage. At times like that, I could feel that fans and us are enjoying the performance. We really love the stage”.

Danielle added that she wanted to perform NewJeans’ debut song “Attention” as the opening song of their solo concert. She explained, “It’s the first song we released to the public and I personally love it. It would be so much fun to sing it together”.

Source: Daum