Newly Divorce Idol in Another Relationship Again?

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In a surprising revelation, former idol Yulhee has disclosed details about her current company post-divorce, sparking speculation among fans and media alike.

During a recent Q&A session on her Instagram account, the singer-turned-celebrity shared candid insights into her personal life, shedding light on her close relationship with a male companion.

The exchange occurred on June 5, as Yulhee engaged with her followers through the popular social media platform.

Responding to a fan’s inquiry about her recent activities, Yulhee’s response took many by surprise.

“To be honest, I haven’t been doing much. I’ve been spending most of my time with my best friend, who is almost like my boyfriend. We eat together, work together, and do everything together. We live really close to each other and get disappointed when we don’t sleep together,”


Accompanying her statement was a photo uploaded by Yulhee, capturing a cozy moment shared between herself and the aforementioned companion.

The image depicted the duo reclining in bed, hinting at the intimacy of their relationship.

(Photo : wikitree)

Yulhee’s revelation comes in the wake of her divorce from Choi Minhwan, with whom she shared a marital bond since 2018.

The couple welcomed three children into their lives before announcing the dissolution of their union last year.

While the specifics surrounding the end of their marriage remain private, the recent disclosure by Yulhee has sparked renewed interest in her personal affairs.

The nature of Yulhee’s relationship with her male companion has invited speculation and raised questions among her followers and the public.

With the term “almost like my boyfriend” used to describe their dynamic, curiosity abounds regarding the exact nature of their bond and the implications it holds for Yulhee’s personal journey post-divorce.

In light of her newfound openness, fans have expressed both support and intrigue, applauding Yulhee for her candidness while eagerly awaiting further updates on her life.

As the former idol navigates this new chapter, her willingness to share glimpses of her reality serves as a testament to her resilience and authenticity in the face of public scrutiny.

As discussions surrounding Yulhee’s revelations continue to unfold, the spotlight remains fixed on the evolving narrative of her post-divorce journey and the relationships that shape it.

With each revelation, Yulhee invites her audience to join her on a path of self-discovery and growth, embracing the complexities of life beyond the spotlight.