NMIXX Sullyoon Garners Applause For Live Vocals During Latest Event Appearance

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NMIXX member Sullyoon is drawing applause for her amazing vocals during NMIXX’s performance at the SBS Cultwo Show Super Concert.

On May 25, 2024, NMIXX performed at the SBS Cultwo Show Super Concert. While all the members earned praise for their amazing vocals, clean dance lines, and stunning visuals, there was one member who stood out among the rest.

And that is Sullyoon!

The same day as their performance, a post titled “NMIXX Sullyoon’s live today” was shared on the popular South Korean online community forum TheQoo. There, the original poster shared a tweet of Sullyoon performing at the concert.

To be specific, they shared a snippet of Sullyoon performing the pre-chorus of the girl group’s song “Love Me Like This.” There, the female idol was impressed with her vocals, which sounded nearly identical to how the digital version sounds. The idol was also filmed doing her adlibs flawlessly.

Those who saw the post complimented the idol for her constant improvement, noting that she is always getting better with each performance. Many people noted that she has such strong vocal power, while also having the best enunciation among the NMIXX members.

Others commented that in other groups, idols are not expected to be strong vocalists. However, Sullyoon defies this stereotype by constantly impressing and improving her vocal ability. People claim she is one of the best idols from the fourth generation of K-pop, and expressed their hopes that idol groups who have been criticized for their live vocal skills learn from Sullyoon and NMIXX.

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Some comments read,

  • “With that face and that singing, she is a legendary idol.”
  • “She is in the top tier of the fourth generation. I hope other idol groups who lack live skills learn from her and NMIXX.”
  • “Yoon-ah, you’re so good. She is definitely a visual member, but she is also sincere about her vocals and she is always improving. Sullyoon, you’re the GOAT.”
  • “Did Sullyoon change her hair? She has gotten more mature. She is so pretty.”
  • “Sullyoon is seriously such a visual, but she is also a good singer.”
  • “Wow, NMIXX are seriously legendary.”
  • “Sullyoon’s vocal power is insane…”
  • “Wow, Sullyoon has the best enunciation.”

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