NMIXX Sullyoon Shuts Down Haters with Class— See How She Handled RIIZE Seunghan Controversy

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RIIZE’s Seunghan faced a barrage of allegations following the release of alleged “couple photos,” triggering a storm of controversy. In the wake of these posts, a wave of netizen outrage ensued, demanding the idol’s removal from the group. Consequently, Seunghan felt compelled to issue a personal apology.

Despite his statement and efforts to make amends, it appears that certain Korean fans continue to harbor negative sentiments toward Seunghan.

However, amidst this turbulent period, NMIXX’s Sullyoon has emerged as a beacon of positivity, earning accolades from netizens for her recent actions on a music show.

Resounding Cheers for All But Seunghan

 RIIZE members took turns introducing themselves to the audience, a customary practice. The applause and cheers that greeted the group members were notably distinct when it came to Seunghan’s turn.

Observant netizens picked up on the subdued response, with the cheers for Seunghan appearing noticeably muted.

Fortunately, MC Sullyoon appeared to be attuned to the situation and took it upon herself to cheer loudly for Seunghan, embodying her role as a sunbaenim (senior in the industry).

NMIXX Sullyoon

(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/sullyoon_jyp/?hl=en)

Throughout the remainder of the introductions, Sullyoon continued to enthusiastically support the other members, with their cheers significantly louder than those for Seunghan.

The clip of this incident quickly made its rounds on social media platforms, sparking diverse reactions among netizens.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “I feel sad for Him.. and so proud of Sullyoon like— if you stan Nmixx girlies they will keep you safe and secure… they will take good care of you. They don’t intimidate me.. they give me warmth thank you JYPe for such lovely humans. 
  • “my girly, she’s so dear to me seunghan deserves so much better this breaks my heart”
  • “There’s times where I say that the so called kfans don’t deserve anything from idols sometimes like they piss me off doing things like this”
  • “I take he’s the one that’s beaten the bitchless allegations”
  • “she’s so sweet”

While many lavished praise upon Sullyoon for her compassionate actions, others questioned the need for the degree of “hate” directed at Seunghan.

RIIZE Seunghan

(Photo : https://twitter.com/usernmik)

In this complex and divisive situation, Sullyoon’s actions serve as a reminder of the power of kindness and solidarity within the K-pop industry, highlighting the importance of supporting fellow artists during challenging times.

As the saga unfolds, the reactions of fans and netizens continue to reflect the ongoing dialogue surrounding the boundaries and expectations placed upon idols in the world of Korean entertainment.