NMIXX Sullyoon was praised for singing ILLIT ‘Magnetic’

NMIXX Sullyoon sings ILLIT ‘Magnetic’

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She also sang other songs

Sullyoon is really good🤩🤩

1. There’s nothing Sullyoon can’t do

2. She’s amazing. I hope that she will do even better as an idol who sings well

3. She sings so well, she dances well, she has a pretty face, she has it all

4. Wow she sings so well

5. She sings UNFORGIVEN better than the original song

6. Even the original singers don’t sing the chorus but she sings the chorus, she sings so well

7. I wish NMIXX had concepts like TWICE before. I think they will do well with the upbeat song ㅠㅠ

8. How can she have that face and talent?… Thank you for being an idol

9. I hope that she will become more famous because she sings well and dances well

10. She’s really good. She has a good voice, a pretty face, and her body proportions are amazing

11. By my standards, she’s Leonardo DiCaprio of the idol world. Her abilities are really buried because of her face

12. It’s better than the original song. She has a pretty face and sings well

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