No Romance? Son Seok Koo Teases Fans With His Future Projects

Son Seok Koo teased his new movie “Troll Factory,” and the potential of not doing romance in his future projects.

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Son Seok Koo Surprised by Public’s Reaction To His Reunion With Jang Do Yeon

Amid the promotion of his upcoming movie “Troll Factory,” Son Seok Koo sat for an interview, where he mentioned his unexpected popularity during his reunion with Jang Do Yeon and gave details of his potential works.

Son Seok Koo
(Photo : Acemaker Movie Works)

Son Seok Koo will make his big screen return through the movie “Troll Factory.” He is expected to portray the role of Im Sang Jin, a righteous journalist who faces suspension after revealing the abuse of a major company.

When he learns the existence of an online “Troll Factory” that manipulates public opinion, he embarks on a quest to expose the truth.

During the interview, he was asked about his guest appearance in the entertainment talk show “Salon Drip,” hosted by comedian Jang Do Yeon. It was one of the much-awaited reunions after the actor revealed that Jang Do Yeon was his ideal type.

After their meeting, the two immediately amassed a huge amount of attention from the public. Regarding this, Son Seok Koo commented:

“Actually, I didn’t know there was that much of a reaction. I don’t think the reaction is created by me, but by the public who watches certain content when it comes out.”

Son Seok Koo Reveals Having No Romance Drama to Work On

Son Seok Koo
(Photo : Acemaker Movie Works)

It was also mentioned that during the press conference about his movie, a fan asked him if there was a romantic bond between him and Jang Do Yeon, as well as his possible romance drama soon.

In response, Son Seok Koo clarified that there was nothing special going on with him and Jang Do Yeon. He also shocked many by revealing that he would have no romance in his next works.

“I can’t do romance for the time being. There is no romance genre scheduled for the future.”

Son Seok Koo
(Photo : JTBC Official)

He added:

“I heard that ‘Salon Drip 2’ recorded about six million views, and this is the number of views I hope our movie will get. I hope everyone who watched ‘Salon Drip 2’ will watch our film ‘Troll Factory.'”

Meanwhile, “Troll Factory” is scheduled to premiere this March 27 in cinemas. Joining Son Seok Koo in the movie are Kim Seong Chul, Kim Dong Hwi, and Hong Kyung.

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