NuNew’s ‘Awful’ Performance in BABYMONSTER’s ‘SHEESH’ Goes Viral

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In the wake of their re-debut, BABYMONSTER has been riding high on the success of their hit song “SHEESH.” However, a recent cover of the song by a group of Thai actors, known collectively as the “DMD BOYS,” has sparked controversy and backlash on social media platforms.

The cover, which featured popular Thai BL star NuNew among other actors, failed to impress netizens, who took to various online platforms to express their disappointment.

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Criticism was primarily directed towards the actors’ vocal abilities, with many users suggesting that they were ill-prepared to take on the challenging song.



“NuNew is an extremely talented singer,” remarked one user, “giving him only the rap part was wrong… His vocal range could’ve helped the cover, especially with some of the harder notes throughout the song.”

The controversy surrounding the cover has reignited discussions about the treatment of artists by management companies and the pressures faced by performers in the entertainment industry.

As the debate rages on social media, it remains to be seen how NuNew and his fellow actors will respond to the criticism and whether they will address the allegations of being “set up” for failure.

In recent news, YG Entertainment released a teaser for BABYMONSTER’s upcoming music video “SHEESH,” drawing comparisons to BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo debut, “LALISA.”

The teaser hints at a sophisticated and dynamic concept, but BLINKs note similarities to BLACKPINK’s style. Some fans speculate YG is attempting to replicate BLACKPINK’s success with BABYMONSTER.

Concerns arise about the song’s potential reception and its impact on the group’s debut. Meanwhile, competition from other rookie groups like HYBE’s ILLIT adds pressure for BABYMONSTER to make a strong impression.