Oh Jeong-tae Proclaims Himself as the ‘Gang Dong-won of Comedy

In a recent episode of TV Chosun’s ‘Perfect Life’, viewers were left stunned as comedian Oh Jeong-tae made a bold claim, introducing himself as the “Gang Dong-won of the comedy world.”

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The revelation came during a segment where Oh Jeong-tae and his wife, Baek A-young, known as the couple from the entertainment industry’s representative ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ appeared together.

Panelists and Viewers Alike Astounded

The moment Oh Ji-ho, a host on the show, uttered those words, the panelists and viewers couldn’t believe their ears. A childhood photo of Oh Jeong-tae alongside Gang Dong-won only added to the intrigue.

Oh Jung-tae
(Photo : Instagram)

The panelists, in particular, expressed their admiration, noting the striking resemblance between the two. Hyunyoung, one of the panelists, even remarked, “In some ways, he resembles our Taehyuk (son). He’s handsome.”

Controversy and Apologies

However, not everyone was amused by the comparison. Lee Seong-mi voiced her discontent, stating, “I feel so bad. I shouldn’t do this on broadcast. Where did I see that it was Gang Dong-won? I will apologize to Kang Dong-won on his behalf.”

Oh Jung-tae

(Photo : Youtube)

Her apology was met with laughter, but it highlighted the potential pitfalls of such comparisons. Baek Ah-young, Oh Jeong-tae’s wife, chimed in, explaining, “Before her marriage, she liked actor Gang Dong-won. Her husband looked like Kang Dong-won and was nice, so it was love at first sight.”

Oh Jeong-tae’s Humble Beginnings and Connection with Kang Dong-won

Despite the controversy, Oh Jeong-tae remained humble, shedding light on his journey in the entertainment industry. “I have something in common with Kang Dong-won,” he shared. “I started broadcasting with ‘street casting,’ just like Gang Dong-won.”

Oh Jung-tae

(Photo : Youtube)

He recounted an anecdote from his early days, where he was cast based solely on his appearance. “I went to MBC to meet a close friend of mine.

At the time, the manager, who happened to be passing by, was wondering, ‘Is there any comedian who would burst out laughing just by looking at his face?’ When he saw my face, he shouted, ‘I passed.’ I got to debut through a special recruitment.”