Oh Seung Hoon Says He Dind’t Recognize Han Hyo Joo on Set of ‘Believer 2’: ‘She looked awful’

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Oh Seung Hoon dishes on his experience filming the movie “Believer 2” together with a star-studded cast, among which is Han Hyo Joo.

The new movie is a sequel to the hit 2018 film “Believer,” which stars Jo Jin Woong, Ryu Jun Yeol, and more.

As the action thriller film officially hit the screen, viewers got to see a mix of returning and new cast members.

Believer 2

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While “Believer 2” gets positive responses from viewers, Ong Seung Hoon talks about what it’s like to work with a roster of talented stars.

Oh Seung Hoon Talks About Han Hyo Joo’s Unrecognizable Transformation in ‘Believer 2’

In “Believer 2,” Oh Seung Hoon takes on the role of Seo Young Rak. He is a member of the cartel who helped Jo Won Ho (Jo Jin Woong) with his investigation.

Oh Seung Hoon

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However, in the middle of their mission, he disappeared without a trace.

One of the things the press asked about the actor was his working relationship with Han Hyo Joo, who played the role of Big Knife.

Believer 2 Still

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Han Hyo Joo

Oh Seung Hoon recalled the first time he saw the actress on the set with her unrecognizable transformation.

He said that he was surprised when the actress walked in on the set.

“In my head, Han Hyo Joo is such a beautiful person. I’ve loved her ever since I was a kid. She’s like my ideal type,” he said, as obtained by SBS Star.

Praising Han Hyo Joo, the actor then mentioned his first reaction to seeing Han Hyo Joo’s transformation.

“But when I saw her at the filming location, she looked awful. She looked too much like ‘Big Knife.'”

Despite being stunned by how Han Hyo Joo looked different with her new character, Oh Seung Hoon pointed out how important it is for the actor to look different depending on the character he or she portrays.

“Acting is important, too, but her dedication to fully embody the character through her appearance amazed me.”

In Han Hyo Joo’s previous interviews, she said that she paid a lot of attention not only to her lines but also to how she visually portrayed the role of Big Knife.

During the press conference, the actress said that she put in a lot of hard work and sweat to build her body and to showcase Big Knife’s tough character.

“I trained rigorously. A week before shooting, I cried on the treadmill. It was challenging,” she said, as obtained by a different outlet.

Oh Seung Hoon Gets ‘Mind Blown’ by Han Hyo Joo’s Dedication in ‘Believer 2’

From playing the dotting mother in “Moving,” Han Hyo Joo transforms into a viscous villain in “Believer 2,” showing off Big Knife’s strength.

Believer 2

(Photo : Netflix)

Oh Seung Hoon said that his co-star is really hands-on when it comes to showcasing her character.

“It was truly mind-blowing. She made me think that I should start paying more attention to how the character I play should look.”